Hello and welcome,

I would like to thank you for visiting my page and website. Let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and I am the founder of Danzo Candle Company. I am a small business located in a small village called Gorsley near Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire.

I have a small workshop at home where I create scented soy candles and wax melts. I hand-pour in small batches to ensure each and every product is of the highest quality and every candle has a strong fragrance throw from the first burn right down to the last. I use a premium 100% natural soy wax which is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable and cotton wicks which give a stronger scent throw and a cleaner and consistent burn. When I started out I wanted the best for my home and family (no toxins and no paraffin).

What makes me different from the rest is the passion behind my candles. I love the ambience and atmosphere a beautiful, scented candle can create – the soft flickering light combined with an intoxicating scent – enhancing moments and creating memories.

I have created fragrance blends to suit & enhance a wide range of moods, moments and settings. From the gorgeous costal Amalfi Coast to the sensual aroma of Black Rose & Oud and the welcoming scent of Pear and Freesia - there's a candle for everyone. 

My scented soy candles have been designed to complement a wide range of aesthetics. My branding is simple and understated allowing my scents to speak for themselves. 

My fragrance oils are cruelty free, and all packaging is recyclable. I am passionate about the abundance of outstanding natural beauty surrounding my home and workshop, which is why I only use eco-friendly packaging. I am committed to producing sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment.

Scented candles are some of the best gifts you can buy for your loved ones, and because they are made from 100% soy wax, they burn cleaner and last longer. Each product is beautifully hand packed with care for you to truly enjoy a gifting experience. I also include care instructions for you to get the best from your candle.