What makes Danzo Candles so good? 

Our candles are made using natural soy wax so will have all the benefits that a natural wax will bring – they will burn slower, cleaner and a lot more evenly.

 What are wood wicks?

 Our wood wick candles not only look great but make a soothing crackling sound whilst they burn. This adds an extra dimension to the candles, offering relaxing sounds as well as amazing, room-filling aromas. 


 How long will my candle last?

  Burn time has become the industry standard measurement when talking about candles. After all, you want to know how long it’s going to last! We are proud to say that all our 30cl candles will last between 40-45 hours providing you have burned it correctly. We have included some further information on how to get the most out of your candle in our candle safety instructions. 


Can I burn the candle all the way to the bottom?
All our candles have a metal sustainer at the bottom of the candle, that keeps the wick upright while the wax settles. We suggest that you don't burn the bottom 5mm of the wax so as not to expose the metal sustainer. Burning beyond this causes the sustainer to heat up and burn the wax at a higher temperature than normal, meaning it could cause the candle to smoke and start to develop a build-up of soot around the edge of the container.

Do you accept international orders?
We're sorry Danzo candles Ltd only delivers online orders to UK addresses (excluding the Channel Islands). We are unable to process orders to a P.O Box address.